Disney ice snowflake with clear CZ pendant

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Disney ice snowflake with clear CZ pendant

Beitragvon Patrick789 » 02.01.2018 09:18

Happy new year cheap pandora charms everyone! Today’s post rings in the new year with my monthly news round-up, with all the details on what’s coming up for January 2018 – we have the Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year 2018 collection launches, some Disney Parks updates, info on the next Pandora Disney UK release, and more! I apologise again to anyone who was disappointed by the Pandora SS18 sneak peeks being removed. I hope to be in discussion with Pandora about this soon, and will provide an update when I can. I’ve read through and appreciate, as always, all your interesting and thoughtful comments, but will hold off my responses for the time being. The Pandora Club charm for 2018 is also making its debut alongside the Valentine’s 2018 collection. We have a great collection of live shots of the charm from all angles, courtesy of Lady G Forty. As usual, it comes in a heart-shaped box, stamped with the year.

We have this cute live shot of the pandora uk outlet sale two charms, thanks to Sha! The charms strike me as being quite representative of ‘old’ and ‘new’ Pandora: the figure, with its two-tone and red enamel, being more in keeping with existing CNY charms; and the heart, with its sparkly pink CZs, more in line with newer Pandora collections. The first set of charms I absolutely love! These are a set of honeybee-inspired beads. My favourite is the Honeycomb openwork, and I’d absolutely love the Sweet as Honey beehive design if it didn’t have pavé detailing at the top. I like that these manage to be both contemporary and rather cute, and I could pick out a couple of them to wear on my two-tone bangle. Of these accompanying jewellery pieces, I absolutely love the Honeybee ring, which features a little bee perched on it, detailed in black enamel. The Heart & Bee earring studs are also really pretty, although I’m not sure how I feel about them not matching.

I’m sure every collector is familiar with pandora charms sale clearance hallmark: 925 ALE if the charm is 2011 or before, and S925 ALE if the charm originates after that point. However, charms have been cropping up over the past few months with new, unfamiliar hallmarks, and I’ve had a few questions about this. After a little research, I found the following info, courtesy of Dora Melinte. I’m aware that I don’t want much from Valentine’s (if anything) apart from the CNY bead and the Club charm, and so I’ve gone a little bigger on my sales purchases than I might have done otherwise. After all, I have a little window to absorb my sales spending before March, lol. I got the red Twinkle murano, the Club charm 2017 and the Koinobori in the US sale. Yes, I finally cracked and got the lovely Koinobori! I’m wanting to put the muranos on my red leather as a complementary design to my main CNY red bracelet.

Finishing up the charms, there are two more Pandora Disney pandora charms disney designs. The first is a silver character design, featuring Mickey and Minnie. This charm might not be for me, but it scores massive brownie points with me for its detailing, lack of CZs and adorable vintage aesthetic. In terms of quality, if the Pandora Shine range is as durable as the Pandora Rose collection has proven to be, then I wouldn’t have any worries about purchasing a couple of pieces. My favourites are the Honeycomb openwork and the Heart & Bee. I appreciate people’s concerns about this new plated line devaluing their existing 14kt gold pieces, too, of course – and I’m sure the honeybee collection would have been similarly pretty in a Rose finish. The next set of sneak peeks is rather unusual! Pandora in the US have sent an email survey out to a select number of collectors, asking them to give their opinions on some of the planned designs for the Pandora SS18 collections.
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